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«A.I.M. Racing» is your game if you like to drive at reckless speed razing to the ground your enemies. Just choose your glider and take your chance in a tough struggle for victory!


Mines theme

Today you can download a new track(2.6 Mb) for project A.I.M. 2. It is the theme for Underground Sector which is a dangerous place for gliders. Please comment on here.


New site

A new version of our site is launched today. The structure and design have been totally redone in a new manner. All the information is available in 5 sections: News, Studio, Projects, Support and Forum.


Experience interview

Today an exclusive interview about A.I.M. with PR Manager was published on the Topics include the basic storyline of the game, AI, weapons and upgrades, details about how the multiplayer works and more.

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 project A.I.M. 2

 project A.I.M.

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