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A.I.M. 2: Clan Wars continues storyline of its predecessor. The opportunity to establish your own organization and to develop it is one of the main features of the game. Dynamic plot makes sequel thrilling and designing.


Spellgear servers has been closed


Spellgear on Steam


A.I.M 2 on Steam


Real MMORPG in Browser

We just completed portation our MMORPG "Order of Magic" to browser, using Kalydo technology. You can play it here



The Order of magic game is in the first testing phase from now on.


Beta Test and New Game Title

Beta test opening is scheduled on March, 15. We change the game title to «Order of Magic» from now on. You can make a request to participate in beta test and see first screenshots at the official website.





The First Gaming channel presented Storm in the glass in the TV show. Journalists well appreciated the work of gaming art, noting interesting vehicles, bonuses and tracks.



To those who were with us all these years and those who joined us recently. To our colleagues, friends, partners and competitors. To former and current developers of AIM, Farlands and other games, daring drivers and future soldiers of distant worlds.

We'd love to say Happy New Year! Let a new decade of the twenty-first century be bright, successful and happy for you.



We are glad to present you the Genesis of Magic!?

This is a new dynamic and innovative Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) with?comfortable controls, exciting battle system and impressive graphics. Genesis of Magic invites you into the epic journey to distant and mysterious lands of Astarma.?Main game features, first screenshots and invitations for the open beta testing you can get at the official website.



Our studio turns eight years today.
Over the years we have created several games:
- AIM 2
- AIM: Racing
- Farlands
- Storm in the glass


Storm in the glass game trailer


Storm in the glass to be released soon

Prepare your glasses — 1C synoptics expect the Storm on October 30.


AIM patch disabling disc binding?released

Due to numerous players' requests we released the patch that disables disc binding and StarForce protection for all games in the series.?You can download it from the "Support" page.

Patch available for Russian releases only.


Storm in the glass: website update?

New page "Storm in the glass" avaliable on our website, at which you can see new screenshots and fresh info about the game.


Storm in the Glass is ready for release

The project has passed final testing by the publisher.?Publisher will announce the date of release later.


Storm in the glass announcement!

SkyRiver Studios, 1C company and Goblin present Storm in the glass game.?Read furhter information at the official site.


«A.I.M. 2: Clan Wars»—nomenee of Gameland Award.

Project «A.I.M. 2: Clan Wars» entered in the list of nomenees Gameland Award in categories «The best home-produced action» and «The best continuation of home-produced game».


Demo-version «A.I.M. Racing» on «The best computer games» disk

«The best computer games» magazine in №03(64) published demo-version on «A.I.M. Racing» in heading «Demo-versions», in which you can play, starting from the disk №2. Collection of the best files.


New review in march «Igromania».

«Igromania» published refuation of a review on «A.I.M. Racing» which you can see in january number of this magazine. They say that the reason is that the article based not on the final code of product. New review on the hole version you can read in march number on page 91. Here appreciate at its true value gameplay, drawing, sound and music, interface and control. General estimation is 7 from 10.


«The best russian games of year 2006» on

Popular playing resource AG.RU published results of competition on the best games of the year. In category The best russian game of year 2006 our games «A.I.M. 2: Clan Wars» took the forth place.


«PC Game» estimated new game

«PC Game» magazine in №3 (39) published review on «A.I.M. Racing». Estimations have been put to drawing, sound, music, game design and interface. Also in this number you are expected with a pleasant surprise - poster with the most popular gliders «Distresser» and «Namtor».


PC Gamer about «A.I.M. Racing»

PC GAMER magazine (russian number №2/6) published review about «A.I.M. Racing», which you can see and discuss in our forum.


Preview in «PC Game»

In the february number of magazine «PC Game» was published preview on «A.I.M. Racing», which you can read in heading «Pay attention!».


Russian release of A.I.M. Racing

We are glad to announce that our project A.I.M. Racing was released in Russia. Our studio is looking forward to see this game released abroad.


Official english site of A.I.M. Racing game launched

We're glad to announce that English version of the site is launched. Here you can find the latest NEWS, various FILES to download, SCREENS to have a look at the game and FORUM where you can discuss different subjects and ask questions.


Release of A.I.M. 2: Clan Wars

We'd like to inform you that release date of A.I.M. 2: Clan Wars has been changed from Q4 2006 to Q1 2007.


Happy Birthday, SkyRiver Studios!

Today is the day when our studio was born to create wonderful thrilling games! We are eager to develop virtual worlds in different settings to make our games more attractive. You can congratulate us on this event here.


Article on

An article with lots of screens on our latest title A.I.M. 2 was pubished by .


Russian release of A.I.M. 2

We are happy to announce that our project A.I.M. 2 was released in Russia. Our studio is looking forward to see this game released abroad.


Mines theme

Today you can download a new track(2.6 Mb) for project A.I.M. 2. It is the theme for Underground Sector which is a dangerous place for gliders. Please comment on here.


New site

A new version of our site is launched today. The structure and design have been totally redone in a new manner. All the information is available in 5 sections: News, Studio, Projects, Support and Forum.


Experience interview

Today an exclusive interview about A.I.M. with PR Manager was published on the Topics include the basic storyline of the game, AI, weapons and upgrades, details about how the multiplayer works and more.


A.I.M. 2 is under development

Sequel of our first long-termed project is under development currently. It should be mentioned that A.I.M. 2 features are available in section Projects.


Russian release of A.I.M.

We are glad to announce that A.I.M. was released in Russia. Stay tuned and we'll announce the release dates for other countries.

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 project A.I.M.

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